Our Dealers

 Our Great Midwestern Antique
Emporium Dealers


The Cast Iron Cat
Jon and Cynthia Williams


Sweet Savage Antiques
Nan Ruth Chardoul, ISA


Becky Brandenburg


The Orphan Chair
Kathy Johnson


Sandi’s Antiques
Sandi Campos

Steve Emrich


Echos of the Past
Mary Ann Otto


The Great Midwestern Antique Emporium
Nan Dangel

Steve and Kay Kerlin
Susie and Jesse Seibert


Chris’ Collectibles
Chris Anglebrandt

Bob Harris

Sign of the Terrier
Norma Novak


Richter’s Antiques
Mark and Paula Richter


ImEs Designs
Marla Shelton


Cheryl’s Treasures
Cheryl Charters


Aardvark Antiques
Fred and Donna Fleming- Appraiser

Susy Bolton
Susy A. Bolton Antiques and Collectables

Lamplighter Antiques
Carl  Peterson

LaSalle Antiques
Stephanie Kercorian

Ron and Shirley DeGrandchamp

Arlene Murray

The Country Peddlers
Rick and Nancy Burke

Randys Antiques & Collectables
Randy Bauonneau

Dana McKelvey

Diane Layman

Helios Gallery
David Chow

Dennis and Beth Sova

Bryan Darkins

Su Strangway


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